Kumbrabow State Forest


What is there to do at Kumbrabow?

While there is not an overabundance of programmed activities and entertainment in the area, the options are long for outdoor activity. See our recreation page for more details. Nearby activities and attractions include: Monongahelia National Forest, a unique Swiss and German restaurant in nearby Helvetia, Richter's Maple Syrup Farm, and we are in an area blessed with abundant trout streams and rivers. Kumbrabow serves as great base camp if you are willing to travel up to an hour, you may wish to visit the Cass Scenic Railroad, Holly River State Park, Greenbank Observatory, Snowshoe Ski Resort village and lift rides, WV Wildlife center featuring a modern zoological facility displaying live native and introduced state wildlife, and many opportunities of trout and smallmouth bass fishing.

If I rent a cabin, what will I need to bring?

A flashlight is needed because the cabins have no exterior lighting. Guests may wish to bring charcoal for their grill and a hatchet for kindling. Our weather is cooler than most places; we recommend you pack some heavier weight clothes in addition to what you would wear normally. Otherwise, we provide virtually all of the essentials, so just pack food, personal items, and the recreational gear of your choice.

What are your hiking trails like?

All of our trails are well marked and signed at each intersection, so anyone armed with a forest map can easily follow them. The terrain is moderately rugged in the forest, and some trails require unbridged stream crossings in wet weather. The trails interconnect to each other and to the forest road to provide miles of remote wilderness hiking. The Mill Ridge and Raven Rocks trails offer two beautiful, distinctively different, vast views and provide a good place to eat your snack or lunch while enjoying the awesome surroundings. See our recreation page for trail descriptions and to print a trail map.

How far in advance should I make cabin reservations?

This is a difficult question to answer because it varies so much. We accept cabin reservations 12 months ahead, beginning the 1st of the month, and the further ahead you call the better your options will be. Based on past experience, however, you can use the following information as a rule of thumb: Try to call us 10 to 12 months ahead for October weekends and the week of Thanksgiving. Call us 6 months ahead for spring weekends, summer weeklong rentals, and October weekdays. Call 2- 3 months ahead for spring weekdays, and September and November weekends. Call 1 month or less ahead for September and November weekdays, and December. Keep in mind that we offer no overnight accommodations from early December to early April. If you cannot give the advance notice recommended above, call us anyway; you just might find an opening on shorter notice.

Will I be staying near water?

All our cabins and campsites are located either along or near Mill Creek. Mill Creek is a native brook trout stream and is characterized by pristine clear running water with large boulders, scenic water falls, and surrounded by rhododendron, black cherry, hemlock, and red spruce trees. The 6 miles of forest stream begins in the higher elevations of the forest. Traveling through the forest, the stream passes through the campground. As it winds further through remote, inaccessible by vehicle, and beautiful terrain it passes through the cabin area. Stream depths range from shallow rapids to deeper pools, the deepest pool is below the Mill Creek Falls at 17 feet.

Where is the nearest place to get gas or groceries?

The town of Mill Creek is the most convenient to drive to and provides a variety of shopping for groceries, gas, and a department store. Mill Creek is approximately 14 miles from the cabin area and the same distance from the campground. Other nearby towns in different directions such as Pickens and Valley Head have groceries and gas.

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