Kumbrabow State Forest


A variety of scenic trails are available for forest visitors. Certain trails lead to beautiful overlooks of the mountain terrain.

Meatbox Run Trail - 1 1/2 miles.

Beginning in the picnic area, Meatbox Run Trail is a steady incline following a hollow leading up to the Rich Mountain Fire Trail. Hikers may return by way of Raven Rocks or Potato Hole Trail.

Potato Hole Trail - 2 miles.

Starting behind Forest headquarters, Potato Hole Trail gradually climbs to the top of Rich Mountain, following Potato Hole Fork. The trail ends at the remains of a forest fire lookout tower on a branch road of the Rich Mountain Fire Trail.

Raven Rocks Trail - 1 mile.

Beginning just north of the picnic area, Raven Rocks Trail starts as a sharp incline leading up to a rock overlook that is surrounding by lush rhododendron. The trail then gradually climbs to the top of Rich Mountain to the end of the Rich Mountain Fire Trail.

Rich Mountain Fire Trail - 3 1/2 miles.

Beginning from Turkey Bone Road, the trail follows the top of Rich Mountain to the northern border of the forest. This fire trail will take you along the highest point in the forest (Buck knob: Elevation 3855 feet) and will take you into the most remote sections of the forest. Potato Hole, Meatbox Run and Raven Rocks trails connect to this trail.

Whitman Trail - 2 miles.

Whitman Trail connects Turkey Bone Road to Kumbrabow State Forest Road. The suggested route is to begin from Turkey Bone Road; the trail then gradually descends off of Rich Mountain.

Clay Run Trail - 3/4 mile.

Beginning at Forest Headquarters, Clay Run Trail crosses Mill Creek then follows an old logging railroad grade north alongside Mill Creek. Approximately 1/2 mile downstream, this trail turns east and ascends to the top of Mill Ridge. Once reaching the top of Mill Ridge, the Clay Run Trail ends at the Mill Ridge Fire Trail.

Mill Ridge Fire Trail - 1 mile.

Mill Ridge Fire Trail follows the top of Mill Ridge between Clay Run and Mowry Run. A picnic table overlooks Tygart Valley to Cheat Mountain.

Mowry Trail - 1/2 mile.

The Mowry trail begins just south of Forest Headquarters, crosses Mill Creek and ascends to the top of Mill Ridge. Mowry connects to the Mill Ridge Fire Trail.

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