Kumbrabow State Forest

Rates and Policies

Kumbrabow State Forest
Pioneer Cabins &
Accessible Pioneer Cabins

Pioneer Cabins


Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Nights


4 person Pioneer




3 bedroom accessible Vacation/Pioneer




Cot Rental - $10 with advance reservation

Cabins are rented weekly from second Monday in June through Labor Day and during the first week of deer (gun) season, which is traditionally the week of Thanksgiving.  Cabins are rented for three nights minimum during other times. Other rental options may be available. Rates do not include applicable taxes. Senior and Veteran Salute 10% discounts are available. Learn more about these discounts.

Cabin Reservation Policies

When making cabin reservations of two or more nights, a deposit of one-half of the rental fee is required with the balance due upon arrival; the full rental fee is required for one night rentals. If you make your reservation by telephone, you will have ten days in which to make payment. Cancellations beyond seven days of arrival forfeits $30 cancellation fee only. Cancellations within seven days of arrival forfeits fifty percent of the deposit amount paid plus $30 cancellation fee. Deposit will not be returned for cancellation of a one night reservation within seven days of arrival. (15Apr16)

Additional cots are available for up to six people in the four person cabin and up to twelve people in the eight person cottage. $10.00 per person and cot / per night above the cabin occupancy.

Reservations may be made up to one year in advance (from the first day of the month) and reservations are recommended at all times.

Kumbrabow State Forest Camping


$17 per night

Up to six individuals.

Handling fee

$5 per site


Group camping

$45 per night (rustic/tents only)

Up to 15 individuals, not to exceed 50.

Additional camper

$3 per person/per night

Additional per person/per night charge.


$6 per bundle



$1.50 bag


Bathhouse Information
Bathhouse hours are 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Laundry – $1.00 - quarters only

Applicable taxes included in camping fees posted. Rates subject to change. Call the forest with any questions. Senior and Veteran Salute discounts are available. Click this sentence to learn more about these discounts.

Kumbrabow State Forest Picnic Shelter

Picnic shelter rental:  $55 per day.  Call for reservations.

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